Teenagers and Adolescents

Adolescence is generally considered to be the period between ages 12 to 24. It’s a time when your young person is challenging the status quo, pushing boundaries and starting to question almost everything. The good news is these are normal behaviours, although they may vary in intensity between families, or even individual children. Not the […]

My Story

When our son was born in 1985 I quickly realised I knew very little about parenting. Life gave me plenty of time to think about this and how I might do things differently second time around, before our daughter arrived 11 years later. The learning started all over again when I realised that each child […]

Online Counselling and Psychotherapy

Current Covid conditions have made it difficult to connect with clients face to face, but the good news is that we can still connect online. Social distancing doesn’t have to mean social disconnection. Online counselling is just like a face to face session, we will be able to see and hear each other, we just […]

Reacting to Traumatic Events

We each have our own way of reacting to traumatic events. These are often learned patterns of behaviour based on our experiences in childhood. They will surface when we feel threatened, such as with the current pandemic and the bushfires earlier in the year. For many of us, these threats have created a sense of […]

Learning From Home

Does the thought of home schooling terrify you? You’re probably not alone. I would like to share with you some of the positive experiences I had as a home schooling parent and offer some tips to help make it a useful time for you and your children.  Make it Fun Make it fun. This is […]

Recovery After The Bushfires

We’ve all had a traumatic experience with the bushfires in the last few months. No-one who lived through this can have escaped without some level of emotional disturbance. For many, this experience has been profound. Understanding Trauma Trauma is not what happens to us, but how our bodies respond to what happens to us. Many […]

Helping Children Impacted by Bushfires

The recent bushfires have been very unsettling for all of us, particularly our children, and it’s normal to be feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Your children might need some help in understanding what is happening. Your loving care as a parent can make a huge difference to how your children will process their experiences. Spending time […]

Raising a Secure Child

We all want to be the best parents that we can be, but sometimes we need a bit of help. This is particularly so if our own childhood was difficult. The good news is that it is possible to change the narrative, and we don’t have to repeat the mistakes from the past. Parenting is […]

Toddler Tantrums

Toddler tantrums. It happens to all of us. That moment when your toddler “loses it” in public. You feel frustrated, embarrassed and totally at a loss to know what to do. Your toddler is expressing some really big feelings here. They’ve probably been sending out signals for a while, but in your need to focus […]

Attachment Styles in Relationships

Have you ever wondered what it is that draws people together, and what it is that pulls you apart in relationships? Perhaps the answer lies in your attachment style. Understanding our attachment style helps to recognise our strengths and vulnerabilities in relationships. Attachment styles develop during childhood, possibly even before birth. They describe a child’s […]