Registered NDIS Provider

Do you have a child who is struggling to keep up in school? Perhaps they are NDIS participants, with a diagnosis of anxiety, ADHD, dyslexia or autism? My aim is to help your child build strong foundations for learning, not only in the classroom, but for life. Based on current research into brain science, my […]

Challenging Behaviours and Learning Difficulties

At times, all parents feel at a loss to understand what their child might be needing from them. This is normal. The vast array of options to address a child’s challenging behaviours and learning difficulties can leave many of us feeling totally confused.  Child Behaviour as the Tip of an Iceberg Challenging behaviours are like the tip […]

Toddler Tantrums

Toddler tantrums. It happens to all of us. That moment when your toddler “loses it” in public. You feel frustrated, embarrassed and totally at a loss to know what to do. Your toddler is expressing some really big feelings here. They’ve probably been sending out signals for a while, but in your need to focus […]

Meltdowns and Mood Swings

Are you worried that your child’s challenging behaviours might be  signs of Autism or ADHD? Do you ever find yourself completely at a loss, with no idea how to respond to your child’s meltdowns and mood swings? You’ve worked out that systems of punishment, time-outs and rewards are rarely, if ever, successful, but what else […]

Anxious Children

Anxious children are often  highly sensitive and easily overwhelmed. In their distress, they may have regular meltdowns, or prefer to shut themselves away. These behaviours can be very hard to be with, and its’s not always easy to know how to respond. Your child may also complain of headaches, tummy aches or resist going to school. […]

Circle of Security Parenting Support

 The Circle of Security Parenting program offers support for parents who would like to develop their parenting skills. First time parenting can be a scary time. With so many new emotions surfacing, it’s normal to wonder if you are doing everything “right”. Perhaps you are worried that giving your children too much attention will “spoil” them. Maybe you […]

Learning Difficulties and Challenging Behaviours

Starting school is an exciting time, and parents always have great hopes for their children’s future. However, for many children, life in the classroom can be quite overwhelming. This feeling of overwhelm may increase anxiety, resulting in learning and behavioural challenges. These behaviours are often seen as signs of autism, ADD, ADHD or dyslexia. Behaviours are […]

Signs of ADHD

Parenting a restless and impulsive child is challenging, often raising concerns that the child has signs of ADHD.  Typical ADHD behaviours may include: tuning out trouble following instructions poor focus and attention easily distracted poor coordination, especially fine motor control poor spatial awareness interrupting others when speaking poorly controlled emotional reactions trouble sitting still fidgeting, […]