Young family with small children in summer nature at sunset.

Children and Families

Supporting Families

Are you at a loss to know how to deal with tantrums, meltdowns, mood swings and other parenting challenges?

You’ve realised that systems of punishment and control, rewards and time-out don’t work, but what else is there?

What if I said that, rather than attention seeking, your child’s behaviour is actually their way of seeking connection?

Does your child have signs of:

  • anxiety
  • anger, frustration
  • struggling with schoolwork
  • trouble making friends
  • restlessness, poor concentration
  • meltdowns, mood swings
  • clumsiness
  • ADHD, autism, dyslexia


All of these behaviours are bringing us a message.

Rear view of multi ethnic group of school kids playing tug of war in playground

How I can Help

I work with families, helping parents build closer relationships by exploring the “roots” of the behaviours.

The first step is to meet for a chat about your concerns. Then we can work out the best way to help your child.

Circle of Security Parenting  is a relationship-based program designed to help you understand what those tantrums and meltdowns might really mean.

You learn how to tune in to what your child’ behaviours might be trying to communicate. 

I will help you to create a new family story, building closer relationships based on understanding and connection. 

The result is what we are all seeking – happier, more harmonious families.

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