Registered NDIS Provider

Do you have a child who is struggling to keep up in school? Perhaps they are NDIS participants, with a diagnosis of anxiety, ADHD, dyslexia or autism?

I help parents who are looking for answers to their child’s learning difficulties, temper tantrums and emotional outbursts. My aim is to help your child build strong foundations for learning, not only in the classroom, but for life.

Based on current research into brain science, my approach  is supported by 15 years of clinical experience.

Helping you to raise happy, healthy children who are able to realise their potential to have meaningful lives and find their place in the world.

I am a fully qualified, accredited Holistic Counsellor and Psychotherapist and Registered NDIS Provider. Based in Moruya on the NSW south coast I see both NDIS participants and privately funded clients. Consultations are available both face to face, and online.

Best results can be achieved by working with both you and your child. This is based on the understanding that anything affecting one family member, will also have an impact on those around them. My approach is development and relationship based, recognising that relationships are fundamental for healing.


Having a child who is struggling  with learning and behaviour can be very distressing. I offer Counselling support for parents and carers, in a place where you can feel seen, heard and understood.

We will work together to create a plan to help you to achieve your parenting goals.  Often, children’s behaviours change like magic when parents are able to address the stresses and tensions in their own lives. The result is  closer relationships, and children who are calmer and more emotionally balanced.

You might like to consider the widely recognised early-intervention Circle of Security Parenting program. This program helps parents build closer relationships based on understanding the meaning behind children’s behaviours. As one parent recently commented “every parent should do this”.

Children and Teens

Counselling support for children and teens can help them to address their immediate concerns, such as issues with friendships, or bullying. Rather than diagnosing and applying labels, we will address the symptoms, or the “why” behind your child’s struggle.

Your child’s learning success depends on a firm foundation of early sensory and motor development. You might like to consider an individualised program to address immaturities in early stages of development that contribute to learning and behavioural challenges. 

I believe that each child is unique, and deserves to be recognised for their individual talents. Working together, we can help them to grow in confidence and self esteem..


A variety of services are available to support both you and your children, with the aim of helping you to achieve your parenting goals.

Children and Teens

  • General Counselling Support
  • School Readiness Assessments
  • Assessments for Listening and Developmental Delay
  • Sensory and Motor skill development programs


  • General Counselling Support
  • Parent Coaching
  • Circle of Security Parenting program
  • Thoughtful Parenting program
  • Support for Miscarriage and Infant Loss

The Next Step

The first step is to book an initial parent consultation to  talk about your concerns. I will offer suggestions to help you to achieve your goals, and you can decide how you would like to proceed. 

You might choose to book your child in for an individual counselling session, to address issues of immediate concern. Another option is an assessment for developmental delay, school readiness or listening (auditory processing). This can identify gaps in their early development that are contributing to their struggles, both at home and at school. 

We will be working together as a team, so it is essential that I meet regularly not only with your child, but also with you. These regular meetings will help me to gauge progress, and offer appropriate support as required.

To learn more, or to book your initial parent consultation, call Rosalind on 0474 095 432

Rosalind is an Accredited Holistic Counsellor and Psychotherapist, based in Moruya, NSW, Australia. She is a Registered NDIS Provider and Circle of Security Facilitator, and has 15 years experience supporting children with learning and behavioural difficulties

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