Child Success Stories and Testimonials from Happy Parents

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Child Success Stories

Kevin's Story


Kevin, aged 8, was struggling with tears, crying, meltdowns and anxiety at school.

His parents reported that he was often angry and frustrated and was unable to interact socially. He was also behind academically. The gentle, no-pressure approach during Kevin’s weekly visits allowed him to gradually develop social and communication skills, to relax and self-regulate his anxious behaviour.

After 9 months his parents reported that there were no more meltdowns at school, he was much happier and more confident, and he had made a friend. He was also performing well academically.

Bobby's Story


Bobby, aged 12, was shy, sensitive, disorganised in class, behind academically and was constantly getting into trouble. He was also being bullied

Bobby started with weekly sensory development sessions. He subsequently attended three times a week for a program of therapeutic listening. Bobby benefited from the 1:1 support and was able to relax, develop social skills and gradually build his confidence and self esteem.

After 14 months his reading had increased by almost 3 years. His teacher commented that he was more organised in class, and was able to get on with his work. He was no longer being bullied, rather, he was more likely to be protecting younger students from being bullied.

Bobby proudly said “Ros, I can block out the background noise and focus on the teacher’s voice now”.

Sally's Story


Sally, aged 9, was described as being overly sensitive. She was having meltdowns and yelling abuse at home, particularly after school.

She was also showing signs of depression and having trouble sleeping. Her reading level was two years behind her chronological age. Aware of her struggle, she would say “mum, why can’t I read like the other kids in my class?” and “why does it take me so long to get things done?”

Sally benefitted from an individualised sensory integration and movement approach. She visited weekly for about 12 months, and her mother supported these visits with a short daily home exercise program, designed to address gaps in her early development.

After 12 months, Sally’s mother reported that Sally “loved to read” and she “couldn’t keep the books up to her” . Sally was now settled and happy at school, was sleeping well, and had more energy. Other parents commented on her improved soccer skills, and her school report noted improvements in all areas. – emotional, physical and academic.


Happy Parents Share their Thoughts

Rosalind was able to show compassion without judgement and has definitely helped me with my parenting skills with my children.

Circle of Security Parenting Program Participant

I would highly recommend the (Extra Lesson) program (with Rosalind) to any parent looking to put the whole puzzle together for their child. It is remarkable to see the results.

The Extra Lesson Program Participant

The Circle of Security course has taught me how to help my child achieve this feeling of security. Every parent wants an enduring understanding with their child. Every parent should do this course.

Circle of Security Parenting Program Participant

Kevin’s teacher rang to say how much more organised he is in the classroom. He gets his work out and gets on with it. No more messing around, no more annoying his classmates.

The Extra Lesson Program Participant

My family have all noticed the change not just in his behaviour but he has also learnt empathy which is one thing that has always been hard for him to understand.

The Extra Lesson Program Participant

When I completed the course today, I realised that my relationship with my son would forever be closer than it was before I started. Kids needs are truly universal, they all need to feel safe.

Circle of Security Parenting Program Participant

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