Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy

Empowering individuals, couples and families to create lasting change.

Hello, I'm Rosalind

PACFA Registered Clinical Counsellor

Since 2017 I have been helping individuals, couples and families create lasting changes through holistic counselling & psychotherapy.

Therapy is a time to pause and spend time with yourself. I will support you on your path of personal growth, changing old patterns and beliefs that no longer support you, helping you to realise your potential to live a rich and fulfilling life.

People often seek Counselling for help with:

  • feelings of anxiety or depression,
  • relationship and communication issues,
  • feeling that there’s more to life,
  • children’s learning and behaviour,
  • parenting challenges


Sessions are available online and in person at Moruya South Head.

How I Can Help You

Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy Services


Counselling for individuals who want to transform their life.

Find a stronger sense of purpose and meaning, less stress, and more fulfilling relationships in our 1:1 counselling sessions.

Fulfil your potential by exploring blockages that might be holding you back from living the life you deserve.


Counselling for couples who want to transform their relationship.

Does your relationship need help? 

Perhaps you find yourselves arguing more often, or disagreeing about parenting issues.

Maybe you would just like to feel closer and understand each other better?


Create the family life you really want, building closer connections based on communication and understanding.

For help with:

  • anxiety, depression, ADHD, dyslexia
  • toddler tantrums and meltdowns
  • teenage mood swings
  • life transitions
  • family conflict
  • parenting skills

Raise children who are able to realise their potential to live successful and meaningful lives.

Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy

Holistic Counselling recognises that your mental and emotional wellbeing is just as important as your physical health, and all these aspects are interconnected.

Your Counselling session offers a place where you can feel:

  • Safe, seen, heard and understood
  • Honoured for your uniqueness and what you bring to your session
  • Accepted for who you are  without judgements, labels or diagnosis

You will be supported in addressing your current challenges and  exploring old patterns and beliefs that might be blocking you from achieving the life you really want. 

Whereas counselling generally offers strategies to address your immediate concerns, psychotherapy is usually ongoing over a period of time.  The aim is lifelong change. Your body carries the wisdom of your life experiences. Rather than labelling or diagnosing, I see the symptoms of a disturbance as bringing us a message, a sign to be followed.

This is a special time for your child to feel seen, heard and understood as we work through issues that are worrying them. Perhaps they are struggling with friendships, bullying, mood swings or classroom learning. Looking beneath the surface of these behaviours will help us to address the “why” behind them.

Would you like to feel closer to your children? Are you worried they might have ADHD, dyslexia or other learning and behavioural challenges? Learn how to deal with those tantrums and meltdowns, why they happen, and what you can do about them.

Circle of Security Parenting is an internationally recognised relationship-based parenting program. It is designed to help you understand your children’s behaviours and build closer relationships as you learn through experience. 

The impact of such a loss can be difficult to share with friends and family, and the depth of grief can at times seem overwhelming. I am an accredited provider with the Foundation for Infant Loss and offer empathy and understanding that comes from personal experience with both miscarriage and infant loss.

Does your relationship need help? Perhaps you find yourselves arguing more often, or disagreeing about parenting issues. Maybe you would just like to feel closer and understand each other better.

There’s no reason why counselling has to happen in the formality of an office. Many people find they feel more relaxed when outdoors. Simply being in nature can have a positive effect on your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

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