Learning difficulties – is a diagnosis really necessary?

Is your child struggling to focus and pay attention at school? Maybe they are delayed in learning to read, and their teacher has suggested they could have symptoms of ADD/ADHD or dyslexia. As a result you might be asking yourself “Does my child need a diagnosis?” The short answer is “Not necessarily”.  Put simply, a […]

Understanding ADD/ADHD – an Holistic Approach to Healing

Picture this – your child is struggling at school, talkative and disruptive, and their teacher asks you to have them assessed for ADD/ADHD. How do you feel? Are you relieved because a diagnosis offers some understanding about why they are so restless and often difficult to be with?  Or does this bring dread to your […]

Midlines – What are they and how do they Affect Learning?

Despite being the “right” age, and appearing to be “ready for school”, children with retained midlines often struggle to keep up in the classroom. The signs may not easily be recognised, and are often linked to diagnoses such as dyslexia or ADHD. Learning delay can happen despite your best intentions, and the benefits of normal […]

Writing by Hand Boosts Memory and Supports Learning

In a world where we want to do everything digitally, does it really matter if your child’s handwriting is illegible? The short answer is “YES”. Writing by hand actually boosts memory and learning. Brain research highlights the benefits of drawing letters, as opposed to learning them by typing or tracing. This research demonstrated that handwriting […]

Your 9 Year old Child – a Time of Transition

Suddenly, in the seeming blink of an eye, your previously easygoing 7-8 year old has turned into a nine year old. You might have noticed that they have become more inward, thoughtful or moody, and are asking tough questions? Or perhaps you’re struggling with increasing criticism, anger and aggression? Your nine year old might seem […]

Sensory Development – Supporting Learning and Behaviour in Children

Can you answer YES to any of these? Is your child: behind the class in reading, spelling, and writing? always getting into trouble for being restless and talkative? lack focus and struggle to pay attention in class? Children who struggle in the classroom are often pathologised and given labels. Restless children may be described as […]

Signs of ADHD and Difficulties with Listening or Auditory Processing

Restlessness and problems with focus and concentration can often be linked to difficulties with listening or auditory processing. You know your child can hear, but how well can they listen, or process what they are hearing? Can you answer YES to any of these? Does your child: Have signs of or a diagnosis of Autism, ADHD, […]

Dyslexia and links to Sensory Processing Difficulties?

Is your child falling behind at school? Are they struggling with signs of dyslexia and finding learning to read and/or write is difficult?  Did you know that signs of dyslexia are often linked to immaturities in areas of sensory processing? Can you answer YES to any of these? Easily losing their place when reading, skips […]

Success Stories – How an Holistic Approach Supports Learning

Rear view of multi ethnic group of school kids playing tug of war in playground

Behaviours are what we see on the surface. They are our children’s way of letting us know they are struggling. When we look beneath the behaviours we see learning difficulties and gaps in early stages of development. The solution is to address the “why”. We can do this by going back and “filling in the […]

What is Family Therapy and who is it for?

Young family with small children in summer nature at sunset.

We are all born into an ongoing family story. Our early experiences shape who we are. They also shape our adult relationships, and how we parent. Families can be a source of immense joy … and great frustration. Family therapy can help you move through some of those relationship challenges. Who is Family Therapy For?  Family […]