9 Tips for Home Schooling

I home-schooled my daughter by choice for several years, and have absolutely no regrets. It really was a beautiful time for us both, and allowed us to build the foundation for a lovely close relationship. These are some of my top tips that I learnt during this time. I hope they help you. Regular Movement […]

9 Tips for School Readiness

Learning, whether in the classroom or elsewhere, is based on a strong foundation of sensory and motor skills. These skills can be developed through simple everyday activities, where your child has the opportunity to develop their physical and emotional awareness. Time spent developing these skills early on will pay massive dividends in the long run, […]

Couples Counselling

Relationships are never static. Our partners can bring out both the best and the worst in us, and there is always the potential to learn and grow together. Perhaps you find yourselves arguing more often, disagreeing about parenting issues, or having arguments that keep going round in circles. Maybe you are struggling to agree on […]

Parenting and Family Support

We all want to raise happy, healthy children, but sometimes their behaviours can leave us feeling frustrated and at a loss to know what to do. This is where parenting and family support counselling sessions can help The good news is that once we learn how to read the meaning behind the behaviours, everything changes. […]

Why Time-0uts Don’t Work and What you can do Instead

So you’re over the toddler tantrums, the meltdowns and teenage mood swings and would like to find alternatives to punishment and time-out, but are not sure where to turn. You have realised that these approaches don’t work, and are often make things even worse, but are unsure what else to try. Rest assured, there are other, […]

Beating the Lockdown Blues

Is life in lockdown getting you down? Maybe you’re aware of a vague sense of unease, something you just can’t quite put your finger on? Or perhaps you are feeling trapped, caught in a loop where you can’t find your way out? Many of us are missing family members living interstate, or being able to […]

Time-Out for Parents

There’s an old saying “you can’t pour from an empty vessel”. It’s hard to be present with your children and other family members if you can’t be present with yourself. The answer is time-out for parents. You’ve probably noticed that your children seem to act out more when you are tired. They sense the tension […]

Preparing Your Child for Starting School

Is your child starting school next year? Learning to read is generally introduced in the first year of school, and it will help if your child is developmentally ready. Rather than simply reaching a certain age, your child’s reading readiness is also linked to their physical and emotional development. Signs that your child is ready for […]

Tips to Prepare your Child for Starting School

Is your child ready for school?  Learning, whether in the classroom or elsewhere, is based on a strong foundation of sensory and motor skills. These activities will support your child’s natural development, which is essential for efficient classroom learning. Not only that, but you are preparing them for lifelong learning in all its forms – […]

Challenging Behaviours and Learning Difficulties

At times, all parents feel at a loss to understand what their child might be needing from them. This is normal. The vast array of options to address a child’s challenging behaviours and learning difficulties can leave many of us feeling totally confused.  Child Behaviour as the Tip of an Iceberg Challenging behaviours are like the tip […]