Healing Family Relationships

Parents come to see me looking for help with healing family relationships. They are often worried about their children’s challenging behaviours, concerned their child has signs of ADHD, dyslexia and other learning difficulties. What if I said the behaviour is your child’s way of seeking connection? I believe all behaviour has meaning. Rather than labelling, […]

Family Therapy

Young family with small children in summer nature at sunset.

We are all born into an ongoing family story. Our early experiences shape who we are. They also shape our adult relationships, and how we parent. Families can be a source of immense joy … and great frustration.  Family therapy can help you move through some of those relationship challenges. Who is Family Therapy For?  […]

Parenting Support

We all want to raise happy, healthy children, but sometimes their behaviours can leave us feeling frustrated and at a loss to know what to do. This is where parenting and family support counselling sessions can help The good news is that once we learn how to read the meaning behind the behaviours, everything changes. […]

Why Time-0uts Don’t Work

So you’re over the toddler tantrums, the meltdowns and teenage mood swings and would like to find alternatives to punishment and time-out, but are not sure where to turn. You have realised that these approaches don’t work, and are often make things even worse, but are unsure what else to try. Rest assured, there are other, […]

Time-Out for Parents

There’s an old saying “you can’t pour from an empty vessel”. It’s hard to be present with your children and other family members if you can’t be present with yourself. The answer is time-out for parents. You’ve probably noticed that your children seem to act out more when you are tired. They sense the tension […]

Tips to Prepare your Child for Starting School

Are you looking for tips to prepare your child for starting school?  Learning, whether in the classroom or elsewhere, is based on a strong foundation of sensory and motor skills. These activities will support your child’s natural development, which is essential for efficient classroom learning. Not only that, but you are preparing them for lifelong […]

Understanding Teenagers and Adolescents

Adolescence is generally considered to be the period between ages 12 to 24. It’s a time when your young person is challenging the status quo, pushing boundaries and starting to question almost everything. The good news is these are normal behaviours, although they may vary in intensity between families, or even individual children. Not the […]

Home Schooling

Does the thought of home schooling terrify you? You’re probably not alone. I would like to share with you some of the positive experiences I had as a home schooling parent and offer some tips to help make it an enjoyable time for you and your children.  Make it Fun Make it fun. This is […]

Returning to School after Lockdown

Returning to school after lockdown may bring some unexpected challenges. You might notice mood swings, tears, anger or increased stress and tension. All of this is normal in a period of adjustment. For many children, learning at home has been a pleasant reprieve from the pressure of being in a classroom. Going back to school, […]

Raising a Securely Attached Child

Raising a secure child is not always easy, particularly in today’s world. All parents want to do their best, but can sometimes we can feel a bit stuck and unsure. This is normal,  particularly if your own childhood was difficult. The good news is that it is possible to change the story, and you don’t […]