Sensory Development – Supporting Learning and Behaviour in Children

Can you answer YES to any of these? Is your child: behind the class in reading, spelling, and writing? always getting into trouble for being restless and talkative? lack focus and struggle to pay attention in class? Disruptive behaviours and learning difficulties are often linked to gaps in early sensory development. Our brains develop through […]

ADHD – Could Listening be Part of the Problem?

Restlessness and problems with focus and concentration can often be linked to difficulties with auditory processing. You know your child can hear, but how well can they listen, or process what they are hearing? Can you answer YES to any of these? Have signs of or a diagnosis of Autism, ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia Struggle with reading, […]

Dyslexia – Could Sensory Processing be the Problem?

Is your child falling behind at school?  Are they struggling with learning to read and/or write?  Can you answer YES to any of these? Easily losing their place when reading, skips lines or words Signs of ADHD or Dyslexia Avoids reading and written tasks Watery, red eyes when trying to read Eyes jump across the […]

Success Stories – How an Holistic Approach Supports Learning

Rear view of multi ethnic group of school kids playing tug of war in playground

Behaviours are what we see on the surface. They are our children’s way of letting us know they are struggling. When we look beneath the behaviours we see learning difficulties and gaps in early stages of development. The solution is to address the “why”. We can do this by going back and “filling in the […]

Challenging Behaviours and Learning Difficulties

At times, all parents feel at a loss to understand what their child might be needing from them. This is normal. The vast array of options to address a child’s challenging behaviours and learning difficulties can leave many of us feeling totally confused.  Child Behaviour as the Tip of an Iceberg Challenging behaviours are like the tip […]

Developmental Immaturities and Links to Classroom Struggles

Classroom struggles are a familiar story. Many children find the intensity and variety of classroom sensations completely overwhelming. This feeling of overwhelm makes it difficult to concentrate and pay attention. For these children, learning is more that simply a matter of trying harder. Generally smart, they often feel dumb as they struggle to keep up […]

Dyslexia – an Holistic View

Are you worried that your child might have signs of dyslexia, or other learning difficulties? Learning to read seems simple enough. After all, how hard can it be to interpret those symbols on the page? For many, however, classroom reading instruction is the beginning of a lifetime of struggle, anxiety, embarrassment, shame and poor self […]

Listening and Auditory Processing Difficulties

  Is your child struggling with anxiety, or other challenging behaviours? Perhaps they are struggling to keep up at school? You know your child can hear, but how well can they listen, or understand what they are hearing? Maybe you are confused about the difference between hearing and listening, and wonder how they affect learning […]

Understanding Learning Difficulties and Challenging Behaviours

Starting school is an exciting time, and parents always have great hopes for their children’s future. However, for many children, life in the classroom can be quite overwhelming. This feeling of overwhelm may increase anxiety, resulting in learning and behavioural challenges. These behaviours are often seen as signs of autism, ADD, ADHD or dyslexia. Behaviours are […]

ADHD – An Holistic View

Parenting a restless and impulsive child can be challenging, with parents often becoming concerned that their child has signs of ADHD.  An assessment can  lead to a diagnosis that your child has some sort of disorder. However, an holistic view sees ADHD simply as a collection of behaviours. Looking beneath these behaviours , we often […]