Midlines – What are they and how do they Affect Learning?

Despite being the “right” age, and appearing to be “ready for school”, children with retained midlines often struggle to keep up in the classroom. The signs may not easily be recognised, and are often linked to diagnoses such as dyslexia or ADHD. Learning delay can happen despite your best intentions, and the benefits of normal […]

Your 9 Year old Child – a Time of Transition

Suddenly, in the seeming blink of an eye, your previously easygoing 7-8 year old has turned into a nine year old. You might have noticed that they have become more inward, thoughtful or moody, and are asking tough questions? Or perhaps you’re struggling with increasing criticism, anger and aggression? Your nine year old might seem […]

Preparing Your Child for Starting School

Is your child starting school next year? Learning to read is generally introduced in the first year of school, and it will help if your child is developmentally ready. Rather than simply reaching a certain age, your child’s reading readiness is also linked to their physical and emotional development. Signs that your child is ready for […]

Building Blocks for Learning

The building blocks for learning happen in stages, each one following the other in a natural sequence. Starting with a solid foundation can help to keep the rest of the stack steady. Your child’s early learning is a bit like this. A good foundation in infancy and early childhood can help to support all later […]

Retained Primitive Reflexes

When I assess a child with learning and behavioural difficulties, one of the first things I am looking for is signs of Retained Primitive Reflexes.  Success in the classroom requires much more than simply being a certain age before starting school. Your child’s learning experience will be much more enjoyable if they have a good […]

Floor Play and Tummy Time

  Babies are amazing. They are born knowing exactly what they need to do to grow and develop. They don’t need us to push or prompt, or provide them with any fancy gadgetry. All they need is a safe place for some floor play and tummy time, and you to watch over them.  They’ll grow […]

Developmental Delay

Does your child often “act out” for no apparent reason? Perhaps you are worried they might have signs of dyslexia, autism or ADHD or some other form of developmental delay? Maybe you are concerned that they are falling behind other children in reaching certain milestones? Children often find it hard to tell us how they are feeling. They […]

The Impact of Television and digital Devices on Early Child Development

The impact of digital devices and television on early child development is an issue concerning many parents. Just how much time in front of a screen is appropriate for babies and toddlers, and how does this impact on their early development?  It’s tempting, isn’t it, to turn on the television, to have just a few […]

Starting School

Starting school is an exciting time for you and your child, and learning will be much easier if they are developmentally ready. Time spent building strong foundations of sensory and motor skills in your child’s early years will pay dividends later on. Learning, whether in the classroom, or elsewhere, is based on the ability to […]