Reading Readiness

Is your child starting school next year? Learning to read is generally introduced in the first year of school, and it will help if your child is developmentally ready. Rather than simply reaching a certain age, your child’s reading readiness is also linked to their physical and emotional development. Signs that your child is ready for […]

Activities to Support your Child’s Learning

Are you looking for activities to support your child’s early learning?  Learning, whether in the classroom or elsewhere, is based on a strong foundation of sensory and motor skills. These activities will support your child’s natural development, which is essential for efficient classroom learning. Not only that, but you are preparing them for lifelong learning […]

Building Blocks for Learning

The building blocks for learning happen in stages, each one following the other in a natural sequence. Starting with a solid foundation can help to keep the rest of the stack steady. Your child’s early learning is a bit like this. A good foundation in infancy and early childhood can help to support all later […]

Retained Primitive Reflexes

When I assess a child with learning and behavioural difficulties, one of the first things I am looking for is signs of Retained Primitive Reflexes.  Success in the classroom requires much more than simply being a certain age before starting school. Your child’s learning experience will be much more enjoyable if they have a good […]

Floor Play and Tummy Time

Babies are amazing. They are born knowing exactly what they need to do to grow and develop. They don’t need us to push or prompt, or provide them with any fancy gadgetry. All they need is a safe place for some floor play and tummy time, and you to watch over them. 

Teenagers and Adolescents

Adolescence is generally considered to be the period between ages 12 to 24. It’s a time when your young person is challenging the status quo, pushing boundaries and starting to question almost everything. The good news is these are normal behaviours, although they may vary in intensity between families, or even individual children. Not the […]

Raising a Securely Attached Child

Raising a secure child is not always easy, particularly in today’s world. All parents want to do their best, but can sometimes we can feel a bit stuck and unsure. This is normal,  particularly if your own childhood was difficult. The good news is that it is possible to change the story, and you don’t […]

Developmental Delay

Does your child often “act out” for no apparent reason? Perhaps you are worried they might have signs of dyslexia, autism or ADHD or some other form of developmental delay? Maybe you are concerned that they are falling behind other children in reaching certain milestones? Children often find it hard to tell us how they are feeling. They […]

Listening and Auditory Processing Difficulties

Are you concerned that your child might be having trouble with listening or auditory processing? Maybe you are confused about the difference between hearing and listening, and wonder how they affect learning and behaviour? Do you ever wonder why your child can detect the sound of lolly wrappers at 50 metres, but appears unable to […]

Circle of Security Parenting Support

 The Circle of Security Parenting support program offers help for parents who would like to develop their parenting skills.  First time parenting can be a scary time. With so many new emotions surfacing, it’s normal to wonder if you are doing everything “right”. Perhaps you are worried that giving your children too much attention will “spoil” […]