Parenting Support

Are you concerned about your children’s challenging behaviours, and would like some parenting support? Perhaps you are worried they might have signs of autism or ADHD?

Would you like to build a closer relationship with your children, but worry that too much attention will “spoil” them?

How do we learn to be the best possible parents to our children, when they don’t come with instruction manuals? Or do they?

We all have those moments of frustration when we feel our children are being annoying and attention seeking. What if I said their behaviours are their way of seeking connection rather than attention, and once you learn to read the signals, you won’t be able to miss them?

Circle of Security Parenting Program

The Circle of Security is an internationally recognised early intervention program for parents and children. It is designed to help you understand your children’s behaviours and build closer relationships as you learn through experience.

All behaviour has meaning. We all want to do our best as parents, but sometimes our children’s behaviours can be confusing. You will learn how to recognise what your child might be really asking from you.

You have probably already realised that behaviour management strategies such as time out, consequences and rewards rarely, if ever work. In fact, they can make your child seem more distant and upset. So, what else is there?

Parenting Support

In these classes you will be helped to create a secure attachment with your child, as the basis of all later learning. You will learn to recognise your own triggered responses to your child’s challenging behaviours. Once you have this awareness, parenting becomes easier. You can learn learn to respond rather than react when your child is having a “moment”.

When they feel supported, children learn to recognise their own feelings. With your help, they can learn to manage these feelings all by themselves. We help them by being present with them in their distress and frustration.

Non of us is perfect, and first -time parenting is always challenging. This program introduces the concept of “good enough” parenting. It’s also helpful to meet with other parents facing similar challenges.

The program is suitable for families with children aged 0 to 8 years, particularly toddlers and pre-schoolers. 

The course is available either online via zoom, or in person from my therapy space at Moruya South Head.

There are some great little animations on the Circle of Security International website that offer more information about the benefits of relationship-based parenting. The website also offers resources for parents

Recent Testimonials

  • “We definitely recommend this course to everyone and anyone.” 
  • “It has been helping us heaps.” 
  • “We’re definitely seeing changes in our daughter’s behaviour.”
  • “Every parent should do this.”
  • “Thank you for changing our lives.”
  • When I completed the course today, I realised that my relationship with my son would forever be closer than it was before I started. Kids needs are truly universal, they all need to feel safe. The Circle of Security course has taught me how to help my child achieve this feeling of security. Every parent wants an enduring understanding with their child. Every parent should do this course. 
  • Rosalind is an excellent educator and I found it very helpful at such a hard period in my life. Rosalind was able to show compassion without judgement and has definitely helped me with my parenting skills with my children. I would highly recommend the Circle of Security to other parents who may be struggling or just need some extra support.

Course Duration

The Circle of Security Parenting course is run over 8 weeks. Each class lasts from 1 to 1.5 hours, and is available either individually, or for small groups of 4 to 6 participants.

Reaching Out

If you would like some parenting support, to learn more, or to make an appointment, please email, or call for a free 15 minute chat on 0474 095 432.


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