Seeing a Counsellor

Have you thought about Counselling and Psychotherapy but are not sure what to expect?

Perhaps you are feeling confused, anxious or worried about something (or someone). Maybe you have reached a point in your life when you are looking for something new?

These feelings happen to all of us, and it can be helpful to talk to someone. It might be tempting to think “I’m OKAY, I can sort this out by myself,” but those thoughts can keep going round and round in your head. Talking to a therapist can help you to get off that roundabout.

Healing happens in relationship, and your therapist can offer you a safe and supportive place to download. It’s more than likely that he or she has had similar experiences, and will be able to understand your dilemma.

Your first Visit

Your first visit will be mostly about getting to know each other. I might be asked for details such as your name and address, your usual doctor, and if you have seen a counsellor before. I will also explain a bit about what you might expect in your sessions. After this, you will be invited to speak more about why you are there.

It’s normal to feel a bit hesitant, and I will never push you, or ask you to hurry. You have all the time you need, and will be supported in exploring your concerns. Sessions usually last about 50 minutes, and what you talk about is up to you.

We will probably start to explore whatever is uppermost in your mind. The conversation may flow onto something else that at first seems totally unrelated. My therapy style is to “go with the flow”, and at all times, you are in charge of the session. My role is to offer support.

As a therapist, I will not tell you what to do, but I may offer suggestions about possible solutions. I may also ask questions to help you to identify your goals and aspirations. How you respond is totally up to you.

Sitting Quietly

We may spend some time sitting quietly, as you process your thoughts and sensations. This is OK, we don’t always need to be talking. In fact, I may ask you to sit with a sensation, and gently observe your body’s response. From here, we may carefully unfold whatever is arising for you.

The aim of therapy is to help you to grow in awareness and understanding. This may take time, and is unlikely to be resolved in a single session. Quick “fixes” are rare, and change can take a little while to become part of your everyday life. The good news is that you are worth it.

The Next Step

If there is something worrying you, or you just feel the need to be heard and understood, making an appointment for an initial consultation is the first step. You can share your concerns, and decide how you would like to proceed.

To learn more, or to make an appointment, call Rosalind on 0474 095 432 
Accredited Holistic Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Registered NDIS Provider

Get in touch today

Your first 15 minute phone consultation is FREE. 

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