Registered NDIS Provider

Do you have a child who is struggling to keep up in school? Perhaps they are NDIS participants, with a diagnosis of anxiety, ADHD, dyslexia or autism? My aim is to help your child build strong foundations for learning, not only in the classroom, but for life. Based on current research into brain science, my […]

My Story

When our son was born in 1985 I quickly realised I knew very little about parenting. Life gave me plenty of time to think about this and how I might do things differently second time around, before our daughter arrived 11 years later. The learning started all over again when I realised that each child […]

Online Counselling

Online counselling is suitable for anyone who would like to talk to a counsellor. Sessions can be timed to fit in with busy work and family commitments, without the need to travel. Sometimes seeing a counsellor can feel a bit daunting, as with any new experience.  Connecting online can make it much easier to talk […]

Recovery From The Bushfires

We’ve all had a traumatic experience with the bushfires early in 2020. No-one who lived through this can have escaped without some level of emotional disturbance. For many, this experience has been profound. Understanding Trauma Trauma is not what happens to us, but how our bodies respond to what happens to us. Many of us […]

Helping Children Impacted by Bushfires and Covid

The traumatic events of bushfires and covid during 2021 have been very unsettling for all of us, particularly our children, and it’s normal to be feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Your children might need some help in understanding what is happening. Your loving care as a parent can make a huge difference to how your children […]

Seeing a Counsellor

Have you thought about Counselling and Psychotherapy but are not sure what to expect? Perhaps you are feeling confused, anxious or worried about something (or someone). Maybe you have reached a point in your life when you are looking for something new? These feelings happen to all of us, and it can be helpful to […]

Stress and Anxiety

Most of us are familiar with  feelings of stress and anxiety, but for some, this can be a constant companion, affecting everyday life. Do you ever have the feeling that you just want to hide? Your palms get sweaty, your stomach churns, your breathing comes in shallow gasps, your thoughts are racing and you have trouble […]


I’m often asked “What is Psychotherapy? How is it different from Psychology?” Exploring the field of available therapies can be confusing. There are so many different options to choose from. Perhaps you are curious about how Psychology and Psychotherapy differ. Are they, in fact, just two different ways of looking at the same mental health […]

Miscarriage and Infant Loss

Have you, or someone close to you, experienced miscarriage, or the loss of a child during pregnancy? The impact of miscarriage and infant loss can be profound, and the depth of sadness can at times seem overwhelming. It is not always easy to share these experiences with friends and family.

Seeing a Counsellor or Psychotherapist

Many people visit a Counsellor or Psychotherapist when they are seeking to change something in their lives. You might be upset about something (or someone), or feel you are looking for a new direction in life? Perhaps you are feeling confused, stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, but you’re not sure why. Maybe you are just feeling […]